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    “The Project” spoke about the raider seizure of an IT company in the interests of Dmitry Medvedev’s son and the yacht of the ex-president’s family worth $100 million

    Worklife news Сен 22, 2022 at 02:55
    “The Project” spoke about the raider seizure of an IT company in the interests of Dmitry Medvedev’s son and the yacht of the ex-president’s family worth $100 million

    Project Edition published investigation about the son of former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Ilya. The journalists found out that the structures that acted in the interests of Medvedev’s son seized the company for the production of electronic price tags Compo in 2019. Investigators also found out that the Medvedev family secretly uses the yacht “Universe” worth $100 million.

    Konstantin Khait, the founder of Compo, told reporters that in 2018 Ilya Medvedev was recommended to him as an investor. Negotiations with him “together with Medvedev and on his behalf” were conducted by Vitaly Yusufov, the son of former Energy Minister Igor Yusufov. A friend of Ilya Medvedev, the youngest son of Yusufov Maxim, also participated in them. As a result, Compo concluded an investment deal for about $4 million with Aykominvest, owned by Vitaly Yusufov. At the same time, Khait, in his words, “was clearly told” that his investor was Ilya Medvedev.

    present tense

    A few months later, Medvedev and Yusufov called Khait in for a conversation and said they wanted to buy his business. Soon, Yusufov’s representative announced the price of the transaction – zero rubles. “What would you say if we value your share at 0 rubles?” – Hayt quotes the words of the interlocutor. At the same time, Hite’s partners had already created a new company under the almost identical name “NPO Compo” and threatened to lure all the engineers from the businessman’s company into it.

    “You have a choice: either you can transfer the share to our Future Invest LLC and then we will leave you 10% of our future victories, or you yourself figure out how you will bankrupt your Compo LLC,” Haight retells the conversation.

    The text does not specify which option he chose, Proekt writes that the business was “withdrawn” from him in the spring of 2019. At the end of 2021, the loss of NPO Compo exceeded 160 million rubles, journalists say.

    In addition, the Project found out that former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and members of his family, in particular his son Ilya, use the 74-meter yacht “Universe”. According to the Project, the yacht was built in 2018 and registered with an offshore company from the Cayman Islands. The beneficiary of this company has not been established, but the sources of the publication indicate that the purchase of the yacht was paid for by the family of billionaire Igor Yusufov. Information that the ship is used by the family of the former President of Russia, confirms Turkish spotter Yoruk Yshik, following the ships passing through the Bosphorus.

    The ship has a helipad, Medvedev’s personal office and special communications, and in the territorial waters of Russia, ships of the Navy often accompany the yacht. Journalists write that at the height of the coronavirus pandemic in July 2020, Dmitry Medvedev’s son Ilya traveled on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea with Igor Yusufov’s son Maxim.

    In winter, “Universe” was based in Italy, but after the start of the war in Ukraine, it left the Italian port of Imperia and went to Sochi, where it is still located.