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    Freedom For Aslan Gagiev

    Sport news Oct 9, 2017 at 04:40
    Freedom For Aslan Gagiev


    On the Internet was launched a project in support of Aslan Gagiev, who is awaiting extradition to Russia from Austria. The website called “FreedomforGagiev”. The purpose of the website is to draw the attention of the world community, European institutions of democracy and the Austrian authorities to the situation around the Russian businessman and philanthropist Aslan Gagiev. He is accused of organizing a mafia structure, in dozens of contract murders. Gagiev himself claims that the true cause of the criminal prosecution and arrest were his allegations of corruption in Russian government circles and unauthorized participation in political processes in Ossetia, where he comes from.

    Gagiev is a victim of crooks and scammers in Russia who stole our budget. In other words, plundered funds belonging to society and the people. This man is a victim of profit motive, impudence and wickedness. In a Russian prison, he will be absolutely disenfranchised, like most people who are now in prison or under investigation. Moreover, considering the full scale of the case, unprecedented attention to it both in the Caucasus and in Russia, as well as the level of influence of its enemies, we are sure that he will be subjected to severe torture or will be killed.

    Unfortunately, lawyers kept to the tactics of not disclosing the situation, believing that if they do not involve public opinion, if there is no mass reaction, it will be easier for them to solve the problem. But it was a serious mistake. Now, when the life of a person who is de facto the national leader of the Ossetian people is at stake, we will act using all the possibilities of the world wide web. Given the massive harassment in the media in violation of the presumption of innocence – it’s more than five thousand materials about him, as a leader of a criminal community, cruel and merciless, and we are going to say the truth about Aslan Gagiev, who has been silent for so long.

    Myths and reality about Aslan Gagiev. We will tell you about what we have been silent for so long

    For Aslan Gagiev, who is awaiting his extradition to Russia in the prison “Josefstadt”, his supporters from North Ossetia-Alania protested. They appealed to the Austrian authorities with a request not to extradite the arrested person because of fears for his life. It was a statement from “the people of North and South Ossetia”.

    We found out that in these regions there is a collection of signatures under a petition against the authorities of Austria.

    There were more than two hundred of them, and they were forbidden to hold a rally, in this case, there would be thousands gathered, said one of the speakers on the video, circulated through the Youtube channel “Freedom for Gagiev”.

    Given the hype in the Russian press around the person of Gagiev, as well as the recent comment by the head of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Mikhail Skokov that “the extradition of Aslan Gagiev is a matter of honor,” we can assume that the most fearless came to the meeting in support of him.

    Meanwhile, in the information war in Russia against the former co-owner of the German shipyard, relatives of the victims in the Beslan terrorist attack interfered.

    Perhaps this is the first public statement that humanitarian aid has not reached the victims.

    The money for the creation of the “City of Angels” that were plundered before reaching the victims is also mentioned in the investigation of the well-known human rights activist Dzhabrail Gabachiev in the Caucasus, “Who is he, Aslan Gagiev – demon or legend” published in the North Ossetian newspaper “Voice of the law”. In this material there is a lot of exclusive information, from which follows that Gagiyev’s problems began because of his political activities in his homeland.

    At the same time, Gagiev’s personality appears in the investigation of the criminal cases of the Yusufov’s dynasty.

    The article with the title “A terrible dream of the Yusufovs: Austrian authorities extraditing Jaco” appeared on the eve of

    Remind you, that Yusufov’s father and son are powerful protégés of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, and Igor Yusufov’s resources in the construction of a vertically integrated financial empire included both administrative and criminal.

    Gagiev himself gave an interview to the Austrian newspaper «Kurier», in which he explained the situation: “in 2009, German shipyards owned by me by 25% went bankrupt, and criminal cases started against me and my two partners in Russia, one of them was killed, and I’ve understood how serious the problems were, disappeared in Austria”

    In Austria, Gagiev said that he paid for the cover of his business to the head of the Investigative Committee through his deputy.

    In Austria, Gagiev said that he paid for the cover of his business to the head of the Investigative Committee through his deputy.

    In August 2015, Austrian lawyer Gagieva-Morozova Nikolaus Rast sent a letter to the US Department of Justice. Its content is not disclosed, but at the same time Gagiev sent a letter to the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine David Sakvarelidze, in which he assured that he was ready to “testify in the context of Igor Yusufov’s embezzlement of shares in the Okean plant, money laundering, including by officials of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation, officers of the FSB’s special services.”

    At the hearings on extradition in Austria, Gagiev said that he paid for the covering of his business to the head of the Investigative Committee through his deputy, and his problems began because his “general” allegedly could have received a bribe, but failed to hand it over to the instigation. Anyway, Gagiev has not yet been given to Russia.

    Telergam-channel “Futlyar ot violoncheli” (Cello case) notes that Gagiyev’s extradition will create circumstances for prosecution of Igor Yusufov, an assistant to former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

    About the fraudulent actions of the Yusufovs before his extradition to Russia was told by the former CEO of Finance Leasing Company (FLC) Nail Malyutin.
    And still, in North and South Ossetia, it is believed that the story of the prosecution of Aslan Gagiyev is a political vendetta arranged over him because of his participation in the fate of the two Republics.

    Perhaps the most striking episode in his biography of the “gray cardinal” is the organization and financing of the election campaign for the election of the president of the Republic of South Ossetia.

    The candidate he supported – Alla Dzhioeva, won the election, but could not take office because of the criminal cancellation of the voting results. Due to the fact that her candidacy was not supported by the Kremlin, the results of the elections were canceled, Aslan Gagiev “acquired” as an enemy in the face of the federal authorities, which forbids to the oligarchs “getting into politics”.

    The example of Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky, Gusinsky and others is a vivid evidence of this. Oligarchs who claim power or interfere in the election of authority – according to the prevailing political tradition in Russia, are persecuted. It is especially tough when they support the opposition. The authorities do not like that someone else has attempted on her.

    It follows that the ” assignment” of the Moscow successful entrepreneur Aslan Gagiev to the role of the “financier” of the organized crime group is a task from above.

    Aslan Gagiev, considering his criminal prosecution politically motivated, is sure of his rightness.

    He explains that the support of the opposition in the person of Alla Dzhioeva was the imperative of the times. The challenge caused by the tragic events of August 2008 and the treacherous role of the ruling elite in South Ossetia led by former leader Eduard Kokoity, whom he knew well from the period of his “activity” in Moscow, when he was engaged in racketeering (extortion) from small traders in Moscow markets .

    In the period of aggression 08.08.08. according to Gagiev, the president-commander-in-chief played a treacherous role, escaping with his «oprichniki» from the battlefield. Leaving without protection the besieged Tskhinval.

    Then, according to Aslan Gagiev, South Ossetia was saved by the people, who stood up for protection of their Motherland. This heroic people deserved another, the people’s power and therefore he decided to finance the Alla Dzhioeva’s election company, a presidential candidate from the people.

    There and then, he had a conflict with the head of the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin, who refused to conduct an investigation into the traitors of the Ossetian people. Now he is taking revenge on him.