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    Raider cartel is acting on behalf of the President of Russia Part 2

    News Nov 12, 2012 at 16:00

    It must be mentioned that the main source in Cartel’s work is IT-technologies. Understanding the opportunities of IT-development and Internet as controlling source of bank money transfers and informational influence on global society, the officers of different countries Intelligence Services gave a way for providing and developing of such technologies in the districts of interest.


    Cartel development of IT-technologies

    For example, in 1992, making a previously scheduled event for one of the directions  associated with deliveries of weapons through Belarus to Albanian for Sarajevo rebels of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Gertsigavina), Yusufov received an order from Gerardo Hernandez – an employee of the Cuban DGI intelligence. The main goal was to create or search with further subsequent control the companies or groups of individuals involved in the introduction of advanced western computer technology to the territory of the former Soviet Union.

    While doing his job, in the beginning of 1993, Yusufov, by close contact with thief-in-law Lalakin Segey (called Luchok) organized working communication with one of the leaders of Armenian diaspora Vardanyan Ruben (owner till 2011 SLL Troyka Dialog). The preparations for the meeting from Vardanyan’s part was made by thief-in-law Aslan Usoyan (nickname “Ded Hasan”). Ruben Vardanyan got acquainted Usufov with one of the founders of “International Computer Club” Levon Amdilyan and Mikhail Mushistin, who was dealing since 1992 with integration the newest computer products and services for Russian market. As for created relations, since that time and till present Yusufov  uses specialists of this organization for helping in creation of smooth connection of the operators their banking sites dealing with cashing in Dagestan and Moscow (CB Dagestan, Sberbank, CB Slavyansky, CB Slavia, CB Master-Bank, Russian Division of Deutche Bank of Germany, Fondservicebank, Mostransbank, Russkij zemelny Bank, Vozrozhdenie, Mosoblbank). Also specialists of International Computer Club cause of developing new software make smooth connection of the bank operators and foreign partners for cashing in foreign accounts in Europe, America and Asia.

    Raider cartel is acting on behalf of the President of Russia Part 2
    Ruben Vardanyan

    It must be mentioned, that while process of development and mining the mutual interests of Cartel’s members, The International Computer Club via miscellaneous working hackers and affiliated internet structures well realized some major and income fields which influence development of different business projects.

    The main and profitable directions of International Computer Club are:

    1.      Creation and control of activity of hundreds famous world internet porn sites.

    The scheme of work is creation of servers in far foreign countries, such as Holland, Israel, USA, Norway, Germany, Swiss etc., and in off-shore territories (BVI, MAN, Seychelles and others). On these servers hosted tons supervised porn sites such as,,,,,, the everyday profit of site visits can be from 5,000 till 30,000 USD. Sites are advertised by banners, context advertising, spam and virus e-mails.

    Beside porn-sites financing the Cartel invests in private porn studios and groups in Russia, Germany, Holland and Cuba for providing content for resources.

    Through porn studios they make auditions of contingent (girls, boys, females (model and porn-stars), males (models and porn-stars) of any age and nationality) for private orgy parties (take place in villas of members of “private club” – on Russian lands and abroad).

    The most famous members are, and later close-contacts of Igor Yusufov, Ruben Vardanyan and Mishustian became: Petr Listerman, Malyshkov, Boris Berezovsky, Viktor Vekselberg, Vladislav Surkov (last time can’t imagine glamour parties without reading prose and poetry), German Gref (from the end of 90s freand and sexual partner of Charles Rain, Millyar and Boris Fedorov), Mikhail Prohorov, Vitaly Kachur, Alexander Udodov, Rashid Nurgaliev, Aleksander Smirny, Nail Malutin, Vladimir Vasiliev, Igor Shuvalov, Vladislav Reznik, Viktor Khristenko, Alexey Dorofeev, Sergey Matvienko, Artem Chaika, Viktor Rublevsky and till the present Jameson Firestone.

    2.      Creation, control and use of drug dealers in social networks and date sites, such as,,, google+, for distribution big parties of cocaine, crack, marihuana in any form, heroine, synthetic and psychotropic substances.

    It must be admitted, that the main purpose of the development of mentioned above directions is controlled of drug addicted kids of top management, businessmen, political leaders and showbiz.

    Some of those who achieved success are Vitaly Kachur, Alexander Udodov, Artem Chaika, Sergey Matvienko and Viktor Rublevsky. The last one acting as head of drug trafficking ATC Central Administrative District of Moscow, was detained by OSB JSC Moscow police department with the assistance of the Federal Security Service in May 2010 for trafficking cocaine through the dating site «mamba». Rublevsky Viktor tried to work with famous and wealthy clients, while realization he proposed cooperation of spreading the cocaine shipped from Argentina, Cuba and Venezuela to Russia via St. Petersburg (controlled by Vitaly and Sergey Matvienko Yusufov).

    Also close connections of the members of Cartel with showbiz (Mishustin can be seen in company of such feagures as Pugacheva, Galkin, Leps and others) very helps Yusufov’s group to realized their settled targets of putting finances of wealthy citizens in the finance machine mentioned below.

    Raider cartel is acting on behalf of the President of Russia Part 2
    Alexander Udodov

    3.      Forums creation for spreading drugs, weapons and children trafficking in TOR resourses

    This is one of the peculiar and major Cartel’s direction which is realized by lots of people. The coordinators are Vitaly kachur and Aleksander Udodov.

    The interest of this direction is cause it’s very difficult to connect to TOR without special software, and that’s why TOR IT-marketing is most conspiratorial in deals with weapons, people and drugs.

    4.      IT support and control of work of group of companies UFG Capital Partners (LLC OFG Invest) – management of hedge funds Infrastructura shares, Petr Stolypin shares, Fund 2025 shares, Russian Obligations, OFG Invest Sbalansiroavnnij

    In 1995 Yusufov presented to Eltzin via his freand Malishenko creating of such kind of structure, which told everything to his lover Tatiana Diachenko. Fulfillment of this task was given by Eltzin to one more famous member and “finansist” of Cartel Boris Fedorov. Boris Fedorov was actually “the professor of Finance” who factually gave his knowledge to students Gref and Mishustin.

    According to received from Eltzin task in 1996, Fedorov together with Charles Rayan founded LLC UFG Capital Partners. This structure was formed with the purpose of accumulation and laundering billions of dollars of cash, mostly received from Cartel’s crime activity in Russia.

    In particular, the size of the filling of these funds had increased significantly through the usage of Boris Fedorov’s and Mikhail Mishustin’s leadership positions in the State Tax Service of Russia, and later the Federal Tax Service of Russia on the multibillion-dollar theft of VAT.

    Additionally, UFG with supply of experts of the “International Computer Club” became a shareholder of a Dutch search engine «Yandex» and significantly expanded its capabilities by organizing a system of payments “Yandex-money” and others to launder and conceal the crime money.

    Currently Mishustin because of problems connected with particular public attention to questions of VAT theft, organized lobbying on the legislative level of the electronic payment system. Usage of this system according to Cartel’s project should deprive law enforcement agencies to verify the assignment of payments, since the shelf life of information on this electronic system is not more than 14 days.

    In addition, the mentioned above masking of financial flows controlled by Cartel makes impossible to understand the direction and purpose of transactionsof members of criminal groups to present functioning government/

    Among such structures also is  JSC “MC” Troika Dialog”, for “eyewash” sold by Ruben Vardanyan to Mishustin and Gref (only the purchase of the company legalized about $ 1 billion USD budget, illegally reimbursed to the accounts of the affiliated organizations of the Russian Sberbank). Ruben Vardanian now controls a significant share of the insurance business through the “Rosgosstrakh”, he is a member of the Russian Union of Insurers. In 2007, Vardanyan recognized as the most comfortable businessman for Dmitry Medvedev. Also, Vardanian is one of the founders of the “School of Management” in Skolkovo “and promotes Mikhail Mishustin the career ladder.

    In addition, Ruben Vardanian and businessman Rajat Gupta (former independent member of the Supervisory Board of “Yukos” (2000-2004) and Sberbank (before 2011)) are possible complicity in international crimes associated with the organization of a fraudulent trading scheme in securities.

    In late 2009, the founder of hedge fund Galleon American billionaire Raj Radzharatnam and 5 financiers were charged by US police on receiving 20 million US dollars of illegal profits on insider information of the global business giants such as Google, AMD and Hilton Hotels.

    According to US prosecutor’s statement, more than 20 years, they have not come across such a large-scale business on insider information, like in case of the hedge fund Galleon. Since October 2009 on the case there were arrested 21 people, 11 of which have already confessed to the crime. Among them was a former McKinsey consultant Anil Kumar, who is now cooperating with the investigation. He admitted that he, Vardanyan and Gupta received $ 2 million from the Galleon for insider information. A profit of the founders of the fraudulent scheme in the U.S. Justice Department estimated for $ 20 million, SEC – $ 25 million. This money crooks earned in 2006-2009 on insiders trading with shares of Google, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Hilton, Advanced Micro Devices. While the assets of Galleon Group were $ 3.7 billion, and the founder and manager of fund Radzharatnam Raj took 559 th place in the richest man list with his capital of $ 1.3 billion, according to Forbes.

    In early 2006 Rajat Gupta and Shiv Kemka (Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sun Group, having business in Russia) brought to Russia the idea of ​​creating a world class business school and found support from Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Troika Dialog” Ruben Vardanian, who organized the meeting in the lobby bar of the hotel “Baltschug” with Mikhail Mishustin (head of the Federal Agency for Management of Special Economic Zones 2006-2008) and Herman Gref, at that time Russian Minister of Economic Development and Trade.

    Raider cartel is acting on behalf of the President of Russia Part 2
    Rajat Gupta

    As a result of the meeting in autumn 2006 Rajat Gupta became member of the international board of trustees of the school, which is headed by Dmitry Medvedev.

    In the end, through the ongoing lobby of their interests, Cartel members drew Dmitry Medvedev in its project, in fact, they were providing for own vast financial and information system a reliable protection of his person.

     5. Research, development, protection and control of extremist Web sites. 

    Recently, this trend is the highest priority and is coordinated directly by Yusufov and a number of employees and the SVR foreign intelligence services. The updated information on using sites is designed for political dividends due to the formation of necessary for Cartel’s members international public opinion on relevant issues. An example of site of such kind can be of ANTI-ARMENIA.ORG made by order of Vardanyan and Mishustin for creating political pressure of the international community on the Armenian diaspora.

    The Black Cartel office

    The main source of funding as Cartel is the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation. This feeder of Cartel’s members began to develop back in the 90s.

    In 1998, Boris Fyodorov began to prepare Mishutin for place of the head of the State Tax Service of Russia. Already in 1999, while occupying the post of Deputy Minister for Taxes and Duties, Mishustin with the support by members of the Cartel put on way the theft of value added tax, which subsequently caused the destruction of the Russian economy, because the present days the tax only refunded for affiliated by Cartel one-night companies or huge enterprises that can afford to give 50% rebate of VAT.

    In the course of managing VAT refunds Cartel members actually destroyed the possible entire production process in the country, as far as a real operating enterprise cannot compete in the market due to the inability to obtain tax benefits.

    The annual theft of VAT ranges from 100 to 200 billion rubles.

    Thus, the available information obtained from news sources, including the Federal Tax Service, the Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service and the SC of Russia that is now fully implemented the collection of materials on the criminal case № 344212 (UD connected to number 712,006, with UD number 70,004, with a number UD 693 811), indicating involvement in the theft of money from the budget of the Russian Federation (more than 10 billion rubles), representatives of IFTS № 1, № 28, № 15 of the Russian Federation in Moscow, Russia UFNS of Moscow, the Federal Tax Service as well as other persons of the inner circle of employees FTS. During the operational-investigative actions by the investigator for CFD RF IC, as well as employees GUEB Interior Ministry and the MIA of Russia were collected materials (job descriptions, records of interrogations and explanations of the participants of fraudulent schemes, including the heads of one-day firms, copies of electronic documents, letters). The prosecution in the criminal case built on the basis of existing job descriptions to prove a direct interest in the theft of the head of the Federal Tax Service Tax Mishustin M.V.

    In addition, in the materials of the criminal case is confirmed one of the main managerial roles in the theft of billions of dollars of VAT from the budget of the Russian Federation A. Udodov, I. Shevchenko, O. Chernichuk, M. Tretyakova, T. Tsareva.

    Cartel members through links available in the FSB and MIA, a pressing investigation in Russia by using the existing administrative and financial resources, formed as a result of criminal activity.

    Raider cartel is acting on behalf of the President of Russia Part 2
    Mikhail Mishustin

    The main motive for concealing its possible involvement in the embezzlement scheme VAT for Mishustin and his “team” is the fact that in addition to reimbursement of VAT on bogus schemes through company-by-night companies is working the real sector of the economy to which the state is obliged to reimburse the VAT for the set of goods (works and services). Despite this, the mentioned function, the command performs a multi-billion commission from hundreds of large enterprises. An example would be Ostashkov tannery plant, carried out the theft of VAT on a large scale in a controlled Mishustin IFTS number 15, using a scheme of theft, perhaps, the proposed to plant by the main member of the Mishustin’s team – Alexander Udodov. In this incident was a criminal case, investigation of which is blocked in the IC of Russia.

    These funds are derived through controlled banks on their accounts abroad (in Switzerland is currently the Prosecutor’s Office instituted criminal proceedings against Alexander Udodov and manager of his assets through a company Granite Group Galina Shato, they have been charged in fact laundering money through Swiss banks).

    Cartel’s “working horses” and Sergey Magnitsky’s murder

    Alexander Udodov and Vitaly Kachour have been close friends for many years and actually are the performers of almost all businesses of Cartel. Their main activities are VAT frauds, customs fraud dealing with arms and drugs trafficking (mainly with cocaine) through the Russian customs in Saint-Petersburg, Novorossiysk, CIS countries.

    Approximately since 2000, Alexander Udodov and Vitaly Kachour have started to realize a plan based on fraud schemes of state budget money as VAT compensation. Their first schemes were based on dummy export of the goods abroad. Kachur was covering customs deals making fictitious customs invoices and transport documents, Udodov was the main performer of huge sums bank transactions as payments for the imaginary export goods.  He managed to use Baltic banks as his “bosses” experience (“RetumuBank”, “TrastaCommerceBank” made all transactions for 1-2 % from the total sums sending money for imaginary goods to short-lived firms accounts as VAT compensation and also to some off-shore companies.). It must be mentioned that Alexander Udodov and Vitaly Kachour have acquired that experience from Alexander Karmanov being the founder of this kind of budget fraud.

    The fraud scheme getting VAT compensation for the fictitious children toys production was launched into practice in 2002 with the help of the Moscow state tax inspection department No 4 Chief, Olga Chernichouk who became Udodov close friend.

    Having earned his first millions and tasted easy money, Kachur had several meetings with Usufov in Moscow “President-Hotel” in October 2002 to discuss the organization of arms and cocaine deliveries in big quantities through the Vasileostrovskiy Customs place. Kachur and Vladimir Kumarin’s people (taking 2/3 of the goods for realization) were to meet the goods. During the meeting Kachur informed Usufov about the VAT compensation fraud budget scheme and his friend Udodov who should become Cartel’s “black fund” and the main performer of this business direction. Having leant from Kachur about the possibility of 1 trillion rouble theft, Usufov took a decision to open a separate business to enrich the Cartel’s common fund. Moreover, in purpose of a global theft of the Russian budget Usufov invited German Greff, Boris Fyodorov and Mikhail Mishustin (being Deputy of the Minister of tax and tax collection at that time).

    Due to the above mentioned negotiations Udodov got new friends and immense opportunities in that direction resulting in the common fond growth. In general, beginning from 2003 Cartel’s annual profit reached one milliard dollars.

    Udodov opened several judicial groups in charge of short-lived firms registration and making finance documents proving the goods and payments movements.

    Starting from 2005 Udodov’s lawyers got VAT compensations practically in all Moscow and Moscow area tax Inspections. Alongside with the Central administrative area tax inspections in Moscow,  South-West Administrative area including Tax Inspections No 27 and No 28 were very popular. Such attachment was caused not only by the close relations with the appropriate heads of Tax Inspections, Mrs. Zhukova and Stepanova, but by the friendly relations with the Head of local Ministry of Internal Affaires Department, Puchkov and deputy Prosecutor, Duraev both of whom were making a shelter for all Udodov activities.  That chain was created by Andrey Khorev who was in a position of Deputy of Chief of Moscow Drugs Trafficking Control Department who helped to solve any problems Victor Kachur and his colleagues had while cocaine sales. Andrey Khorev made friends with Duraev and Puchkov through his co-worker in tax police and an old friend Sergey Pichugin having a position of Chief of Tax Collection Department of  Moscow South-West administrative area (Andrey Khorev worked for seven years as the Head of the First State Drugs Trafficking Control Department being closed in 2003). Since 2005 the VAT fraud scheme has been working perfectly and the common fund have been enriching for several milliard of rubles quarterly. The above mentioned scheme worked smoothly till 2006 when Cartel’s conflict of interests occurred – the conflict between the Russian-German group of companies included into Cartel – UFG (see the described Funds earlier) and the British Investing Fund – Hermitage Capital Management being the most serious competitor at the investing market. Moreover, Hermitage Capital Management disturbed the activities of Cartel due to its disposure of SberBank and Gasprom criminal activities.

    Caused by that reason Mishustin, Greff, Miller, Fyodorov (Gasprom board member) and Usufov (Gasprom board member) took the decision to eliminate the inconvenient competitor from the market having financed the counter activities against Hermitage Capital Management affiliated companies with the help of the Department of Tax Crime Police. The task was delegated to Andrey Khorev who had good connections with tax police and who was promised a carrier promotion. From Federal Security Service the mission was entrusted to Victor Zakharov.

    With the actual exile of Hermitage Capital Management from the market Cartel ensured multi-milliard ruble enrichment of the common “black fund”. To finish the deal successfully, Cartel’s ideologists – Usufov and Mishustin took another decision – to “take away” Sergey Magnitsky same way as another businessman, Andrey Burlakov was killed later. Magnitsky was dangerous for Cartel as a witness of all financial crimes made by Cartel members. As a result of Magnitsky’s murder and his company further discredit due to the order of a criminal case (Khorev – the performer), the whole mission was successfully fulfilled enabling to cover the murder itself. In 2008 Khorev got his “bonus” acquiring the position of deputy of the Head of Department of economic Security of the MIA of the Russian Federation. After this assignment the main Cartel’s purpose was to lobby Mishustin to become the Head of the State Tax Police.

    As a result of Cartel meeting, it was decided to sh ift all the responsibility for the VAT fraud by  the Tax Inspection No 28 (being revealed by Sergey Magnitsky) to Anatoly Serdukov and create social opinion that he is guilty in Magnitsky’s death.

    The Usufov and Kachur’s elimination of the witnesses

    The usage of cardinal measures by Cartel to defend its interests like in Magnitsky and Burlakov cases can be proved by other facts. It concerns one of Kachur’s acquaintances – G. Pirumov and others – V. Sitnik and V. Steinvurtsel.

    Raider cartel is acting on behalf of the President of Russia Part 2
    Olga Chernichuk

    In 2007 with the help of Vitaliy Kachur’s active recommendations and personal participation, Pirumov signed a purchasing agreement on air planes with the Canadian company “Bombardier” at the total cost of $, 19 500 000. The payment was transmitted by Pirumov’s companies at the accounts provided by Kachur (CB “Slavia”) and then the a.m. sum just vanished.

    After Pirumov’s application, a criminal case ( St. 159 part 4 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) was opened in Moscow Central administrative area Court in November 2008.  The case was suspended the National Judicial Department of MIA in Moscow after the bribe of 500 thousand dollars had been given by Usufov to his friend – Chief of suspended the National Judicial Department of MIA in Moscow, Ivan Glukhov.

    In Spring 2009,  some certain individuals got into contact with Kachur to solve the situation with the money refund to Pirumov.  Having no intention to return money to Pirumov, Kachur paid the MIA investigators who in their turn initiated a criminal case against Perumov, Sitnik and Steinvurtsel (Case No 365920 dated 13.05.2009, part 3, st. 33, part 3 st. 30, article “zh, z” part 2 St. 105 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in Moscow East Administrative area at the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation in Moscow).

    According to the bribed investigators version, Pirumov asked Sitnik to find the killers of Kachur. Sitnik applied to Steinvurtsel with the same purpose, and Steinvurtsel with the help of Pirumov’s budget hired “Makrovsky” (U. Bonn), who then informed the police about the so-called murder preparations.

    In reality, Sitnik decided to facilitate the refund of Kachur’s debt to Pirumov in hope for money reward, so he applied to Steinvurtsel with this matter. Steinvurtsel asked his business partner – a former criminally accused U. Bonn (during the investigation Bonn had a nickname “Makrovsky” to keep the secret), who actually came to Moscow to purchase sea food from Steinvurstel  and get sea food quota. Having no better ideas Bonn got into contact with Kachur  through his connections – A. Kuraev ( nickname “Zaikin” during the case) and M. Abdurakhimov (nickname “S. Ivanov” during the case) and immediately was taken by the field investigators of Moscow Department of Investigation.

    All personal data of secret witnesses were known from the very beginning of the Case investigation to both parties  – the accused one and the defending  one. The witness names were used to appeal to the Court the victims to be put into the prison. All three – Bonn, Kuraev and Abdurakhimov were under pressure. Having learnt about the debt, Kachur realized he had got the chance to eliminate Pirumov. All the three were offered the status of the witnesses in in exchange for the provocations enabling to put into prison the persons under interest.

    Bonn and Abdurakhimov working in pair used a recorder several times during their meetings with Steinvurtel creating the atmosphere of a planning murder using some hints or half-hints during the dialogues. At the same time all those conversations from Steinurtsel side were connected with different business issues in connection with Bonn and his another business debtor – A. Repitiy.

    Then using the recordings of Bonn and Steinvurtsel’s  conversations three digital audio files were mounted and falsified, copied at two flash-cards presented further by the investigation as the evidence of two meetings of Bonn and Steinvurtsel during which as if they were discussed the details of the planning murder (1st file) and the cash payment for Kachur’s murder accomplished by Bonn (2nd file).

    It must be mentioned Steinvurtsel, according to investigation, paid cash in big amounts to Bonn for the killing several times.  Certain amounts were mentioned during the Case, but no one had ever seen the money.  The fact of money transfer was “established” with Bonn’s statements only.

    On May 8, 2009,  Steinvurtsel really gave a bribe at 1 300 000 rubles to Bonn for providing quota for sea food (2nd flash-card). 1 150 000 rubles out of the sum just disappeared in Bonn’s company, though the investigators had to mention 150 000 as an evidence.

    Raider cartel is acting on behalf of the President of Russia Part 2
    Andrei Khorev

    The fact of 1 150 000 rubles disappearance was confirmed by M. Abdurakhimov who was the only coming witness to the Courts among all the secret participants. Even though he was under investigator’s pressure, he witnessed the facts to start the criminal case had been falsified.

    Taking into consideration all falsified facts, Sitnik and Steinvurtsel (being under arrest from May, 2009) had no choice. They were forced to present important statements necessary to Kachur and the investigators, and they had to agree “to help” the investigation. They were promised to get same witness status as Bonn, Kuraev and Abdurakhimov in exchange for cooperation.

    The facts and evidence of falsification:

    1. Usufov and Kachur took a decision to eliminate all the persons they were in conflict with. In accordance with Kachur’s order the investigators had included into a “gang performing ordered murders in Moscow and Moscow region” not only Pirumov but others as: G. Gorbuntsov (a banker), P. Chuvilin ( hockey team “Spartak-Moskva” General director), A. Suchak (never had met anyone mentioned in the case, but was accused by Kachur’s mother of the land fraud. The case was closed).
    2. The so-called confessions at the beginning of the investigation are full of contradictions  (time, place, the quantity of money, the number of meetings, etc.)
    3. The protocol of getting “Makrovsky” (Bonn)’s papers with Kachur addresses and phones have been created by the investigator himself who put all that data and then the necessary signatures of the witnesses. According to the conclusion of the expert – document No 466/10 dated 03.11.2010 – the expertise ordered by the advocates, the signature of the witness O. Ukhobova and the text of the protocol is written by the hand of one person – an investigator. Same facts with the witness A. Kalashnikova.

    The protocol states about the withdrawal of the papers with the Kachur’s data. In connection with the investigation version – Pirumov passed those papers to Steinvurtsel and the last passed them to Bonn at the beginning of March 2009. The papers including the copy of Kachur’s passport, his mobile numbers, computer cards with Kachur addresses from Google were taken as the facts to claim that Pirumov ordered Kachur’s murder.  The judge A. Zamashnuk refused the defending party to use the document No 466/10 for the investigation and acknowledged the protocol of withdrawal, though he had to compare the samples of the witness signatures by the experts.

    1. Police officer – Major N. Vorobiov, Senior investigator of the 1st Department of Criminal Investigations signed the Acts instead of his witnesses (book 1, personal cases 61, 62-63, 64-65). Anyone may notice the difference in signatures of one and the same persons. Due to those acts , Vorobiov gave the recorder with the above mentioned flash-cards to Bonn in presence of other witnesses and then got those cards with the recorded data.
    2. Almost all witnesses  participating in the investigation have connections with Bank “Slavia” directly connected with Kachur’s name.
    3. To prove Pirumov had a motive to kill Kachur, Kachur was illegally acknowledged as a civil claimant. The so-called damage made to Kachur by Pirumov was falsified by the unsigned invoices of dummy firms from the same Bank “Slavia” directly connected with Kachur as mentioned above.
    4. The two flash-cards with Steinvurtsel and Makrovsky conversations were used as the facts for the investigation illegally as well. Though there has been no expertise, the files at these flash-cards have vivid signs of being mounted. For instance, there are files No 5 and 6 at one flash-card. Evidently, there were the files with the previous numbers created automatically by any digital recorder, but there is no information within the case papers mentioning the previous files were deleted.

    There is no real evidence of fault in this case. The accusation is based mainly on the mounted audio recordings and falsified papers with Kachur’s personal data.

    While getting information from Usufov and Kachur’s circle of  acquaintances it was found that Vitaly Kachur and Igor Usufov are spreading the information about their close connections with Alexander Kupriazhkin ( Deputy Director of FSB RF) and Victor Zakharov (Chief of FSB Department in Moscow) having unlimited opportunities to make any business and solve absolutely any issues in Russia and abroad.

    In particular, Vitaly Kachur hinted that he was helped to organize Gorbuntsov’s murder in England for 3 million Euro by his “roof” having their own killers among Albanians and own corridors in Europe. He told the same about the preparation of Andrey Borodin’s murder (“Bank Moskvy”). This might have connection with Igor Usufov’s interest.