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    “Project”: Medvedev’s son tried to build a business career using raider methods

    News Sep 22, 2022 at 09:15

    The son of Dmitry Medvedev, Ilya Medvedev, tried to build a business career using raider methods, the Project found out . However, with the outbreak of the war, he lost millions of investments made for him by the family of the ex-Minister of Energy, billionaire Igor Yusufov.

    In 2018, Ilya Medvedev became an investor in the Compo company, which developed a system of electronic price tags. Formally, an investment deal for $4 million with Compo was concluded by Aikominvest, owned by Vitaly Yusufov, the son of Igor Yusufov. However, the founder of the startup, Konstantin Khait, told the Project that at the conclusion of the deal, he was told that his real investor was Ilya Medvedev:

    “I sat at the same table with Ilya Dmitrievich several times. We negotiated with him about investments and current affairs.”

    According to him, Yusufov acted as a mentor to a young man who “really wanted to do business.”

    A few months later, Medvedev and Yusufov called Hayt in for a conversation and said they wanted to buy the company. Some time later, the trusted Yusufovs announced the price of the transaction – zero rubles.

    “What will you say if we value your share at 0 rubles? Your right to disagree, but we have created in Dubna, in a special economic zone, a company called “NPO Compo”. A director has been appointed there and our management team has landed. We only lack engineers, but we are ready to offer your engineers to move to Dubna, especially since you will not be able to pay their salaries, because we are stopping the financing of Compo. And as you remember, you do not have the right to attract funding outside of our organization. You have a choice: either you can transfer the share to our Future Invest LLC and then we will leave you 10% of our future victories, or you yourself figure out how you will bankrupt your Compo LLC, ”Hight retells that conversation.

    However, despite such methods, Medvedev’s business did not go well: the loss of NPO Compo at the end of 2021 exceeded 160 million rubles.

    At the same time, Compo was not the only investment of the Yusufovs in the interests of Medvedev Jr., Proekt writes, citing sources.

    More than once a week, he went either to Innopolis or Skolkovo to look at someone, for the same purposes the son of the former president went abroad, Haight recalls: “Ilya was assembled a venture holding focused on retail.”

    According to Proekt, in the spring of 2022, Ilya asked his acquaintances what activities he should focus on in the new conditions: “IT business did not go well, and the war completely crossed out its prospects, now Ilya is thinking about social entrepreneurship.”

    As a result, the young man went into politics, joined United Russia, where he wants to engage in “support for entrepreneurs.”