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    Grouping gagiev. Killers and effective gagieva gang managers

    News Mar 2, 2016 at 14:00
    Grouping gagiev. Killers and effective gagieva gang managers

    Vienna’s highest land court today has postponed for an indefinite period the consideration of the extradition to Russia of Aslan Gagiyev (Djako), who is accused in his homeland of creating a criminal community on account of more than 60 murders, including large bankers and businessmen, as well as other serious crimes . The basis was the need to study documents related to the conditions of detention of persons under investigation in Russian SIZOs. Similar decisions taken earlier by the same court were quashed due to violations allegedly committed in the case against the leader of another killer brigade, Anatoly Radchenko (Celentano).

    The Supreme Court of Vienna today left without consideration the petition of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation to extradite Aslan Gagiyev to Russia. As the court’s decision says, it takes time for detailed examination of documents and evidence related to the conditions of detention in Russia. The judge did not appoint a period of study.

    Aslan Gagiev (also Sergey Morozov) is accused in absentia of the main investigative department of the TF for the North Caucasus Federal District (ICFD) in organizing the criminal community, as well as a series of contract killings (Article 210 and Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Jaco was detained in Vienna in January 2015 and placed under extradition arrest. After that, the courts several times made decisions on the extradition of Aslan Gagiyev to Russia, but then they were revoked from the appellate courts. In each case, the Austrian side demanded additional guarantees that in Russia the criminal prosecution of Jaco will be carried out in strict compliance with the law, and Austrian diplomats will be able to personally monitor it. Meanwhile, Jaco was released on bail of € 100 thousand, which was then returned to him.

    According to Kommersant sources, the problems arose because of complaints from the Novosibirsk businessman Anatoly Radchenko (Chelentano), accused of TFR in organizing a brigade that committed four murders and issued by Austria to Russia. The applications were checked by the commission of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Federal Penitentiary Service, who informed about the results of the Austrian authorities, after which the questions on this case were dropped. Now Celentano gets acquainted with the materials of the investigation.

    According to the SKU SKR on the NCFD, Aslan Gagiyev’s group committed more than 60 murders. Initially, the community members, as the investigation believes, dealt with dozens of officials, security forces and entrepreneurs in North Ossetia, where it was originally based, and then moved to Moscow. In the capital region, the victims of the criminal group, in particular, became the owner of Sodbiznesbank and the bank “Kredittrast” Alexander Slesarev and his family members, the owner of the bank “National Capital” Dmitry Plytnik and chairman of the bank “Kutuzovsky” Oleg Novoselsky.

    Alexander Alexandrov

    Accused of organizing the most probably bloody gang in post-Soviet history, Aslan Gagiev, nicknamed Jaco, gave an exclusive interview to Austrian journalists. He called his criminal prosecution political motivated, transparently hinting that he was behind someone from the environment of the former energy minister of Russia Igor Yusufov (now he is the owner of a shipbuilding company, 25% of which, as Gagiyev admitted for the first time, he owned).

    Will the lieutenant colonel be sent to Durku?

    The Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia, who oversees the North Caucasus, Ivan Sydoruk   has approved the conclusion concerning the former lieutenant colonel Yevgenia Yashkin, who previously served in a special rapid reaction unit (SOBR) “Bulat” police chief in the Moscow region. Since 2014, he is being held in pre-trial detention center. The former spetsnaz officer is accused of committing crimes under Part 2 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code (“Participation in a criminal community”), Part 2 of Art. 209 of the Criminal Code (“Banditry”), Part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (“Murder of two or more persons associated with kidnapping, generally dangerous way, organized group, for hire”), Part 3 of Art. 126 of the Criminal Code (“Abduction committed by an organized group”), Part 3 of Art. 222 of the Criminal Code (“Illicit trafficking in firearms and ammunition, committed by an organized group”).

    According to the investigation, Yevgeny Yashkin was a member of a gang headed by Aslan Gagiyev (more famous for the sonorous nickname of Jaco). The phenomenon of this grouping is that it included mostly active and former employees of the security forces. For example, at the end of last year two more fighters of the “Bulat” detachment were detained in Moscow, a lieutenant colonel Victor Pronin   and Colonel Andrei Sankin, who were also alleged members of the group. Now they are in the pre-trial detention center of the FSB in Vladikavkaz. In 2014, a former North Ossetian police officer was arrested Murat Gabeyev,

    As reported by the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia, Yashkin was held forensic psychiatric examination while in detention. It turned out that he suffers from a chronic mental disorder, he is a special danger to himself and others. It was with this conclusion that the criminal case of Lieutenant-Colonel Ivan Sydoruk was sent to the Moscow Regional Court: Yashkin should be sent for compulsory psychiatric treatment to a hospital.

    As SP-South previously told, in early February, with the indictment of Ivan Sidoruk to the Moscow regional court, the criminal case of another alleged member of the Djako gang – Robert Bagaev(better known by the nickname Robson). According to the GAS Justice, three court hearings have already taken place, but the name of the judge who is considering this case is for some reason not reported. Perhaps for security reasons.

    Ossetian “face with a scar”

    The Jaco gang is considered one of the bloodiest in the entire post-Soviet history: in all, according to the investigation, more than 60 proven deaths have been recorded on her account. 17 members of the criminal community have already been convicted, 18 remain under investigation. One of the first, back in 2010, was convicted a hitman Inal Ostayev, who was the direct executor of the contract killing of the Mayor of Vladikavkaz Vitaly Karaev in November 2008. Last year, in the North Caucasian District Military Court, six more gang members were sentenced (they were sentenced to 15 to 22 years old), and in the Supreme Court of North Ossetia – to the killers To George Dzugutov   (15 years of colony) and Mairbek Kardanov   (13.5 years).

    Also in February last year, one of the most active participants in the criminal community Oleg Dzarakhohov   (called Kolobok), a native of the village of Zilgi, where he “recruited” a few more killers. Now Kolobok is also in jail and is waiting for the start of the trial. It is he who is considered the organizer of the murder of one of the members of the gang, Alan Torchinov, which “eliminated”, fearing his possible ties with the secret services.

    Another eight bandits are declared in federal and international wanted lists. Until recently, the 44-year-old Aslan Gagiyev, who was detained in January 2015 in Vienna directly at the entrance to the newly opened railway station, was also on the wanted list. Austrian journalists willingly told the details of his capture (for which, by the way, the Minister of Internal Affairs Johanna Mikl-Leitner   personally thanked the fighters of the elite special police unit “Cobra”, although Jako did not even give any resistance). During the arrest, Aslan Gagiyev was found with a forged identity card and a Bulgarian passport. He was taken to the prison of Josefstad, where he was awaiting extradition in Russia.

    However, he does not appear to appear before the Russian Themis: lawyers Gagiev from the law firm KollmannWolm argued that in the case of extradition in Russia he is expected to be tortured and killed. While the court was pondering, the Russian request for Gagiyev’s extradition had expired. And in late February, after 13 months in custody, the Vienna Regional Criminal Court released him on bail of € 100,000. True, he will be able to leave Austria before making a final decision to request the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office for extradition.

    Jaco hints that he himself was “ordered”

    The request for extradition Jaco sent to Austria and Bulgaria, where Gagiev periodically lived on a fake passport: the Bulgarian authorities want to hold him accountable for forgery of documents. Curiously, in Austria itself, the criminal case against Gagiyev for using the false passport of this country was stopped.

    The request for continuation of the extradition procedure to Bulgaria is now pending at the Vienna Court of Appeal. In the same place, lawyers of Gagiyev sent a complaint about his unlawful detention. All these legal movements are followed with great interest by the Austrian press, for which the history of Jaco is akin to outlandish entertainment.

    It seems that Gagiev himself feels excellent after his release from custody: on Saturday he gave a great interview   journalist of the Austrian edition of Kurier Rafaele Lindorfer. The accused in banditry says that his criminal case is politically motivated: “People who must testify against me were tortured … The Austrian expert discovered numerous mass traces of torture on my body” – Aslan Gagiev said in an interview.

    He says that allegedly in Russia some “enemies” are trying to pursue him, by which he crossed the road in the business of managing shipyards. Recall that one of the crimes, which is attributed to members of the gang of Dzhako, is a contract killing Andrei Burlakov, chairman of the board of directors of the Norwegian shipbuilding company Wadan Yards, who owned shipyards in Germany and Ukraine. To create this company, in 2008 he raised a loan of € 200 million, but financial investments did not save the company – very quickly the shipyards were on the verge of bankruptcy.

    As reported by German publications, their fate behind closed doors was discussed by the Chancellor Angela Merkel   with the then Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. Soon after the meeting Burlakov (in an interview with Kurier Aslan Gagiev first confesses that he owned 25% of the company) was arrested, and the shipyard bought Igor Yusufov, the former Minister of Energy of Russia and the President’s special representative for international energy cooperation.

    Perhaps, Aslan Gagiev is transparent to some of his entourage and hints in an interview with the Austrian Kurier. “People who are close to the government have taken everything from me. A criminal case was brought against me and my two business partners, one of them was shot. I ran away immediately, because I realized the depth of the problem. ”

    Gagiyev said that he intends to continue living in Austria (here he has already transported his family), and he is ready to return to Russia only if power in North Ossetia is changed, which will be ready to ensure a fair trial.

    “Revelations” Dzhako Austrian press, however, and do not shed light on the main question: who really stood for the killings of dozens of politicians and businessmen in North Ossetia, Moscow and Moscow region, for which many gangsters have already been convicted ?! Even if Gagiev really crossed the road to someone from the oligarchs, it does not at all make him a “victim of the system,” which can be forgiven for any criminal sins.

    September 29th

    00:00 2016

    The victim of the criminal group Aslan Gagiyev was even German Chancellor Angela Merkel

    The gang of Aslan Gagiev will go down in history not only with his brutal murders, of which there are more than a hundred. The gang itself is a new phenomenon in the Russian criminal world. What is it unique about? Its structure, which in addition to mercenaries included “financial intelligence” (introduced into banks under the guise of large customers) and “economic killers” (engaged in the property of murdered bankers and businessmen). Each member of the “team” seemed to live in a parallel reality in accordance with the intention of the creator of the “game” – Aslan Gagiev. Moreover, even the court could not dissuade certain gangsters that they were not any secret FSB agents and killed solely for the sake of the profit of their boss, and not in the interests of the Motherland. It turned out that the victim of the head of the criminal group was even … German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    The origins of the bloody rivers

    It is believed that the Gagiyev gang was established in North Ossetia in 2004, – begins my interlocutor, who has access to the case materials. – But in reality they began to kill even earlier, just then they were one-time actions.

    The leader is Aslan Gagiev on the call of Jaco. Daring, vain, cunning – so all those who have ever dealt with him speak about him. Surprising coincidence, but the main killer in the gang was also Gagiev, only Oleg (not a relative, but just a namesake) – a former employee of the Ossetian counterintelligence called Malysh.

    “The idea came to him when he was studying at MISI,” says old friend Jaco. – In the same place, living in the institute dormitory, he met Sergey Beglaryan. It was in tandem with him and put together a team. MISA he did not finish. ”

    So, here is the gang structure at the beginning of the 2000s. According to various estimates, at the initial stage, the grouping of Gagiev included 12-15 people. Gagiyev and Beglaryan are in charge, Malysh is the head of the power bloc in North Ossetia. Both Gagievs – Djako and Kid – were incredibly cruel. If you had to kill your own people for the sake of saving the whole gang as a whole, they did it without thinking.

    The gang of Gagieva became famous for killing large officials in North Ossetia, including mayors of the city. Victims of the gang were the chiefs of the threat, other high police officers. The leader of the organized crime group organized the elimination of all those who worked to uncover her crimes. The criminals killed people even at the entrance to the building of the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs, thereby making it clear that the real power in the region belongs to them.

    Everyone who joined the brigade and was detained, they say that Jaco is an excellent psychologist. For most of his assistants, he suggested that killing is for the sake of a good cause. In general, he could convince any interlocutor. At the same time, the executors said one thing (that is engaged in cleansing North Ossetia of corrupt officials), leaders – another (that power in the republic belongs to them), coordinators – the third (he promised a rich life abroad, etc.). In fact, all crimes were committed solely for the sake of money and strengthening of influence.

    It’s amazing that many dead-time killers do not understand why they are in prison, “the source said. “They prove that they killed on orders that they themselves are secret officers of the FSB … Even the court could not dissuade them in this!” And all because Gagiev at one time gave them really important tasks: to fight with kidnepping. In those years in North Ossetia, abducted children of wealthy residents (the whole gang was in charge). Parents came to Aslan, he took money from them and ordered his soldiers: to return the children, and also to bring … the heads of the kidnappers. I told my guys: they say, you see, what kind of lawlessness is going on, the police are idle, so we have to help people. And the killers thought they were heroes, they save the children. But in fact, it’s because one gang has cleaned the other, and that’s it. However, Aslan, can, and really loved children, especially since he himself, according to various estimates, from 17 to 22!

    Already in a couple of years, the gang has turned into a whole criminal corporation, numbering more than 70 “employees.” What was she like now?

    Take as a model any state company, – another source explains. – There is a director (in our case, a “board of directors” of two people – Gagiyev and Beglaryan), deputies, they are coordinators of directions, department heads, ordinary employees. The main coordinators were Arthur Joyev (now detained in Greece, awaiting extradition in Russia. Note. aut.) and Georgy Dzugutov (last year he was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony.) – Note. aut.). They were closest to Aslan Gagiev, he discussed strategy with them, consulted how to kill … They offered, and he approved the final plan. Further orders were given to the leaders of the combat groups, of whom there were six. Those organized external surveillance of the victim, chose the place and time of the assassination attempt. Well, then the killers acted. It was they who, as they say, put the plan into practice. By the way, the fighters (mainly they were from North Ossetia) received for their work quite a bit – about 30-50 thousand rubles a month. But Aslan took all the expenditure on their living and feeding. In Moscow and Moscow suburbs there were several bases and secret apartments where they trained in anticipation of “an especially important task to save the Russian state.”

    In addition to these 70 “staff members” Gagiyev had so-called freelance. These people could hold serious positions, including in law enforcement agencies, and, if necessary, carry out separate assignments of the gang.

    Berkovich – a banker, a businessman, a thug?

    Just to fulfill orders for the murder of Gagiev was uninteresting from the very beginning. Aslan came up with a whole chess game from each such order, where all the participants became pawns. Those people who acted as customers, then came into dependence on him. They were like a needle. If someone tried to “jump off”, then he was killed, and brutally, to others was scary to horror.

    But then gangsters faced with a problem: here you cut out the entire family of a businessman, and what’s next? His money is on offshore accounts, in stocks, in papers. How can I get them out? After a series of no-profit homicides, the gang decides to re-examine its structure. Then former economists, accountants, computer specialists came to it. Some people had no idea that they worked for a gang of killers. They remotely carried out specific assignments and received their wages, not even guessing that it was the money of killed entrepreneurs.

    In general, it was believed that the main killings (about 80 of them) were committed in the republic, but in reality no one knows exactly how many people died in Moscow. The investigation is sure of only one thing: 80 – this is not the final figure.

    Do not underestimate the personality and abilities of Gagiev himself, “says one of the victims, Moscow businessman Oleg Baranov. “The smartest man with a commercial vein.” Jaco himself positioned himself exclusively as a businessman. He himself selected people for the block of “economic mopping-up” and always learned the wisdoms of the financial market …

    Next to Gagiev all this time was Arkady Berkovich. Now he is in the jail of Vladikavkaz. He is charged with three episodes – three high-profile murders of bankers in the White-stone: the owner of “National Capital” Dmitry Plytnyk, businessman Alexander Slesarev and chairman of the bank “Kutuzovsky” Oleg Novoseltsev. It is these three murders that are still being investigated by the FSB. Each of the three killed made the gang fabulous.

    How did you come to Berkovich? The killers testified that there is a certain Arthur who makes an order. At the end of last year, the investigation detained him in Vnukovo, where he had a personal plane. The confrontation between the killers and Berkovich passed – those identified him.

    Now Berkovich claims behind bars that he was afraid of Aslan, – the source explains. – But it does not seem like it. Berkovich did what he wanted, because he knew that he had a military wing, bandits-bespredelschiki, who can solve any problems.

    Aslan Gagiev treated him with a kind of piety, – says one of his former comrades Jaco Nicholas. – When Berkovich was laughed at (for example, because of his manner of walking in multi-colored shorts), Aslan severely broke off: “Do you even know who it is? ..”

    It was Berkovic who was the very man who could be called a financial intelligence gang. Many of the largest banks knew him. He was there a frequent visitor: somewhere a big client, somewhere just a friend.

    Berkovic was very good at making friends, – says businessman, former co-owner of the bank Alexander Shevchenko. “He never went to the bank without a box of cakes.” He organized banquets and shish kebabs. I could go to the bank in the evening, smile and say to the servants: “Guys, I ordered a table for you all …” Only then did I fold all the puzzles and realized that Berkovich was trying to find out not just how things are at a particular bank, but also about all of its possible dark deals, especially about withdrawing money. Then he informed Gagiev about this – and the bankers disappeared …

    In North Ossetia, they say that there is no point in looking – land, shopping centers … – very much belongs to Gagiev. Everything is registered for other persons, but all of them are people under their control.

    And Gagiyev is considered one of the largest owners of the shipyard. Moreover, according to our sources, he took even shipyards owned by businessmen close to Angela Merkel herself. According to rumors, Frau Merkel came including on this occasion to the Kremlin, complained. But GDP (again, according to unofficial data) noted that there is a clean economy, and not politics, and it should not interfere.

    Be that as it may, rivers of blood soon flowed around the shipyards. In a restaurant in the business center “Monarch” on Leningradsky Prospect of Moscow in 2011, the head of the board of directors of German shipyards Wagan Yards Andrei Burlakov was shot. Before that, he withdrew from the company 1.5 billion rubles, after which he was involved in a criminal case. The killer was detained a year later, but the inhabitant of Kaspiysk Magomed Michilov could not explain who received the order. And only now everything falls into place … Both worked for Gagiev, just one was in the role of “financial intelligence”, and the second – a simple killer. The first decided to make an independent “move”, for which he was eliminated.

    What’s left of the gang? In the international search for today there are 7 people. In the investigation, they say that there may be “sleeping” groups of gang fighters, but Gagiev can not direct them for sure.

    Those who are already detained will certainly receive huge or even lifelong terms – the majority admitted everything, and there are so many proofs against them that there is no doubt left for doubt, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to destroy the business with the help of ties and even fabulous money: it on control at the very top.

    And Gagiev himself? He built a protection scheme: he assures the European courts that the Old World is simply obliged to give him political asylum, that he suffered for the idea (for allegedly calling Ossetia to go not pro-Russian, but pro-Georgian way). Abroad, few people divide Ossetia into the North and South, so some Gagiev believe. Even from Austria, he makes loud statements that he will stand for election (on what, where and how?). Still, the secret services are sure that he can not escape extradition. Too long a bloody trace left his gang, too many innocently killed souls are at its source …