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    Don’t Buy Views and Services From Scam Websites (2022 Updating)

    News Июн 21, 2018 at 02:28
    Don’t Buy Views and Services From Scam Websites (2022 Updating)

    This is a list of SCAM websites selling views, likes, followers, and other social media services. Do not purchase anything from them!

    In order to avoid fraud use only the already proven and reliable websites to purchase real social media services.

    The Best Social Media Service Providers in 2022:

    The following 3 are currently the best and the most trusted social media service providers where you can buy real views, plays, followers, likes, and much more for a cheap price.

    1. CoinCrack

    Don’t Buy Views and Services From Scam Websites (2022 Updating)

    700+ services for 30+ social networks!

    Payment options: You can use anonymously the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, USDT, and USDC.

    Easy registration and crypto payments allows you to shop 100% anonymously

    Fluent English speaking ticket support system


    CoinCrack Review Verdict: 10/10

    2. QQTube

    Don’t Buy Views and Services From Scam Websites (2022 Updating)

    QQTube is the oldest and probably cheapest YouTube views provider

    Payment options: Credit Card, WebMoney and Bitcoin

    Geo-targeted YouTube views (50+ countries), Adwords views, Subscribers, Likes, Comments

    Other services: Dailymotion, Vimeo, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitch, Soundcloud

    Very cheap

    Support 24/7

    100% Money Back Guarantee


    QQTube Review Verdict: 9/10

    3. Media Mister

    Don’t Buy Views and Services From Scam Websites (2022 Updating)

    MediaMister offers YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Soundcloud, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest & 20+ more!

    Payment options: Credit Card and Cryptocurrency

    Good For Boosting All Accounts

    Long time in the industry

    Support 24/7

    100% Money Back Guarantee


    Media Mister Review Verdict: 8/10

    Why do we need the social media boosting services?

    I think I had purchased at least 10,000,000,00 YouTube views for my videos during the recent years, and also a big number of subscribers, likes,shares and comments.

    The 30% of the Youtube videos I bought views for and did basic SEO are on Google’s 1st page, the 40% are topping the YouTube for the targeted keywords and 30% are the videos and niches I lost interest in, haven’t been able to monetize, or simply not being one of the evergreen niches.

    I also have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media network profiles and pages for all of these niches, because social signals have become one of the most important ranking factors for both videos and websites.

    For example I create and upload a video to YouTube, then I share the link on Facebook and Twitter, I would then buy Twitter retweets and likes and Facebook likes and boost them a bit.

    That way you are creating a wheel of signals and you will notice that Google will understand it and all profiles will “merge” in the end in search results for your brand which then gets more on authority and then you start ripping benefits. For example only with one affiliate network called AdgateMedia I made over $48,452.60.

    Being a marketer or just promoting a social profile, everyone’s looking for more exposure, that’s why buying Instagram Followers and Likes is one of the most popular services offered. Soundcloud and Spotify services are in high demand by artists also.

    TikTok is one of the most popular apps today. And Telegram has erupted in the number of users due to its privacy options and favorite among cryptocurrency users and projects like Bitcoin.

    Twitter and Discord are popular among all audience age groups.

    Big number of scam websites on Google

    That’s why there are so many websites selling social media services. The most of them cannot fulfill the basic standards of delivering real visitors to your page or video,or just looking to rip you off. In this small case study of buying 500 Twitter followers I got none.

    All of the websites with awful reviews shown above like Famoid, Poprey, or FastLykke are topping Google for the major keywords and most fall into a trap without previously doing research on them.

    On SocialPromoter you can find only genuine reviews with tests made and a comparison charts of a legitimate and good websites where I spent big amounts of money cause they were delivering good service and still are.

    Fraudsters use different websites to sell the same crappy services

    You will sometimes find 4-5 websites selling similar services but in fact it’s the one shop/team on 5 domains selling crappy low quality services looking to lure you into believing you will get what you paid for.

    The best of all, because creating this kind of powerful link wheel (that’s how Google credits good interlinking – I mentioned it for the social media profiles) most of these websites are page 1 on Google and are first results you will get. So you can for example get pissed off with one provider and choose the “other” which are in fact the same guys!

    Also pay attention if the website is using a https instead of http in the domain as “S” stands for “Secure” and it’s the protocol that for example PayPal started insisting on shops to use as it provides safer user experience and payments.

    Fake views and followers generators

    There’s also a plenty of so-called “generators” offering free Instagram followers and likes, free YouTube subscribers and views, free Twitter followers, free Facebook likes and so on…

    The truth is all of these generators are FAKE and you won’t get any of these just waste your time and provide personal data by filling up surveys so companies can call/mail and bore you. Check out our awesome video so you can recognize if you encounter one: Fake Generators.

    Social Media Service Providers and Scams TO AVOID List

    This is a list of websites, either I had bad experience with; they are using unreliable money processors (or unverified PayPal accounts) or look fishy and I didn’t wanted nor will purchase anything from them.

    If for example a guy on chat support doesn’t know a word of English how can he know what I need?

    During the last 4 years we have received a lot of emails and feedback from people adding websites to this list themselves. I’ll just list some as for example.

    Hi, I appreciate what you have done to help us avoid scams. We as independents work hard and it’s bad that so many people want to take advantage. I would like to report a scam company for you to add to your list. It’s called dreams2realitypromotions.***. I ordered a 1 month promo package and I only got 1 day’s worth of promo. Everytime I reached out to him, he would say the results take time or I am doing good. I checked Spotify often and I could see the results for myself, nothing but 1 day’s worth. I’m not even sure if they were legit. I asked for my money back, but he would basically ignore me.

    On Dec. 5th I placed Order# 101559 for $169.00 for 30,000 followers. As of today I have not received a single follower and after multiple email communications with the service manager, he no longer replies to my polite email inquiries about how to move forward. Given I have a fairly substantial monthly budget allocated to social media investment, my only objective was to form a good long term business relationship with TweetAngels… 100% scam

    Another scam website, please add to the list and write in all the blogs where scammers are listed
    I talked to them over whatsapp and added Rs 225 (3 USD approx) to their website. I started a YouTube subscribers campaign with that. It was written that the campaign will start instantly. But more than 36 hours gone, they didn’t start my campaign, they didn’t pick up my calls, didn’t reply on WhatsApp and didn’t reply to my mails

    I lost a lot of money this way in the past so I want you to avoid the fraudulent or scam websites also.

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