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    Future technology news

    The terrible fate of our world if the oceans disappeared

    Future technology news Aug 21, 2019 at 18:03
    The terrible fate of our world if the oceans disappeared

    The terrible fate of our world if the oceans disappeared

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    The vast expanses of sea water that cover much of the Earth’s surface not only support huge amounts of life but are the engines that keep our planet running. What would happen if we lost them?

    When viewed from space, our planet is a blue and white jewel amid the blackness. Much of Earth’s distinctive colour comes from the vast amounts of water that cover the surface scattering light from the sky above.

    But what if the oceans were suddenly to disappear, whipped away in the blink of an eye? It would certainly be bad news for the rich marine life they support and the tens of millions of people who make their living from the sea.

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    The oceans, however, are also a crucial part of the planet’s water cycle, which in turn drives the weather and climate. With only meagre amounts of fresh water on the Earth, our fertile little blue marble would quickly dry out.

    See just how difficult life might become by watching the video above.

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