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    Culture news

    An ancient design made modern

    Culture news Dec 9, 2019 at 23:19
    An ancient design made modern

    An ancient design made modern

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    An ancient design made modern

    An ancient design made modern

    An ancient design made modern

    Watch the video to see how a traditional wind tower has been reimagined at Dubai Design Week.

    Dubai Design Week teems with people looking for the latest technological design solutions to contemporary environmental problems. But in the case of cooling the scorching heat of the Gulf in summer, there’s a solution that has been around for centuries.

    This year, the traditional wind tower takes centre stage at the show, demonstrating that even without electricity, it is still possible to live in cool comfort in the Gulf.

    The wind tower is a traditional architectural feature that creates natural ventilation by drawing colder air down into the building. The Istanbul-based firm, Miskavi Architecture Studio (MAS), has created a wind tower made out of recycled corrugated cardboard.

    Founder of MAS, Kerim Miskavi, emphasises tried-and-tested methods before turning to modern solutions, and in this project collaborated with cardboard recycler Kaplamin Ambalaj. The MAS wind tower blends a heritage solution with current recycling techniques, creating a design that is beautiful, functional – and environmentally-friendly.

    Click play on the video above to learn more

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